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Landcare Plan for Victoria

Landcare Victoria has worked with the landcare community and industry stakeholders to create a plan for Victorian community landcare, that establishes directions for our movement over the next decade and beyond. This is the first time a movement–wide strategic plan has been developed using a community–driven consultative approach.  

Landcare Plan for Victoria - Empowering Landcare Communities

The Landcare Plan for Victoria outlines the collective goals and priorities of the landcare community and highlights the key actions and areas where support is needed to deliver on its vision.

Six focus areas have been developed for the Plan, based on engagement with the Victorian landcare community. For each focus area, a long-term outcome statement and series of priority activities are defined and opportunities for partner support are highlighted. The success of the Plan relies on collaboration with and between Federal and State government and non-government partners. 

Download a copy of the Plan here.

If you would like to print the Plan, please download this version

Landcare Plan Launch recording

The recording of the Landcare Plan for Victoria launch is now available to view

Landcare Plan Summary Sheet

We have developed a two-page summary of the Landcare Plan. You can download a copy here.

Developing the Landcare Plan for Victoria

Landcare Victoria led the development of the Plan, with funding from the Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action (formerly DELWP).

Core to the development of the Plan has been the multi-stage engagement program, to ensure that the Plan properly reflects the needs and priorities of the landcare community. Engagement was carried out over four stages, between February 2022 and June 2023. During this time, more than 570 instances of engagement occurred with the landcare community and key partners and stakeholders. 

The following supporting documents were developed during this engagement period:

  • Engagement Findings Report - June 2022

The Engagement Findings Report outlines the important themes and recommendations of engagement Conducted between February and May 2022 – via workshops, interviews and an online survey.

  • Literature Review - February 2023

The Literature Review further explores top three issues identified in the engagement for the development of the Landcare Plan for Victoria. It aims to consider past investigations, studies, and wisdom documented about landcare to draw on these learnings when planning.

  • Strategic Priority Statement - February 2023

The Strategic Priority Statement aims to test the outcomes and priority actions identified for the Plan. It is based on the opportunities, challenges and aspirations identified by the landcare community during the engagement process in 2022.

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