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Read about Landcare Victoria's current and past projects below.

New Futures for Victorian Landcare

New Futures for Victorian Landcare is an exciting new project that aims to support the participation of the landcare community in the emerging green finance markets.

The landcare community has been invited to participate in the project through an EOI process throughout September and October 2023. Funding support will be available for up to four landcare networks wishing to participate over the next two years.

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Landcare Victoria Inc. Rules Review

The Landcare Victoria Inc Board has recently completed a review of the Rules (Constitution) of Landcare Victoria Inc. to ensure they meet the future needs of the association.

As Landcare Victoria Inc. continues to grow and improve support for its members, it is essential that the Rules support our strategic objectives. At the 2024 Annual General Meeting, held on 22 May Landcare Victoria's members voted in favour of adopting a new Constitution for the organisation.  

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Capacity-building for landcare

This project includes the Advancing Landcare Pilot - strengthening landcare groups by tailoring training to their needs and delivering a range of activities based on the priorities identified through consultation with member groups, and the Professional Landcarer Knowledge & Skills Framework - establishing the foundation for the development and maintenance of the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in professional landcare roles.

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Landcare Led Bushfire Recovery Grants Program

The $14 million federally-funded Landcare Led Bushfire Recovery Grants Program supports recovery projects in seven government-designated regions impacted by the 2019/2020 Black Summer bushfires. Projects focus on species and habitat restoration and protection of essential unburnt habitats, bringing together a diverse range of experience and expertise from on-ground Landcarers and community groups, Traditional Owners, researchers, subject matter experts, Not-For-Profit organisations and more. The large number of high-quality grant applications received demonstrated the strong community capacity for bushfire recovery and ecological restoration.

The program is managed by a partnership between Peak State and Territory Landcare organisations, the National Landcare Network and Landcare Australia, demonstrating that excellent projects and outcomes for improved delivery of bushfire recovery actions are achieved when landcare is engaged and supported.

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CLEA: Community Learning for Environmental Action

The CLEA project aimed to investigate how to support peer-to-peer learning and mentoring between grassroots environmental groups. Our core belief is that if the volunteers and staff in community groups have opportunities to share what they are doing, community action will stay strong and keep evolving.

This project was funded by the Natural Resources Conservation League (NRCL) and Landcare Victoria.

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Landcare Voices: 30 Years of Landcare

As part of the 30 years of Landcare celebrations, the Landcare Victoria committee decided to create an archive of Landcare Voices: Landcarers telling compelling stories from the proud history of the landcare movement.

Both the Landcare movement and Landcare Victoria Inc. celebrated our 30th anniversary in 2016. As seen at the 2018 National Landcare Conference, the Landcare Voices video showcases Landcare in Victoria since 1982.

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